Research and Dissertations

20090224.jpgSince 1998, on the basis of Evminov's Methodology,  scientific works have been defended in orthopedics, vertebrology and therapeutic physical training.


The dissertation of the candidate of physical sciences and sports LAZAREVA E B "Therapeutic gymnastics and hydrokinesotherapy in the general system of rehabilitation of patients who underwent spinal surgery for the removal of herniated intervertebral discs." Kiev, 1999.
The dissertation of the candidate of medical sciences AFANASYEVA I A "The state of the cardiovascular system and vegetative homeostasis in children with pathology of posture." Kyiv, 2001.
The thesis of the candidate of sciences in physical education and sport MAKAROVA E B "Physical rehabilitation of children with scoliosis 1 degree in specialized preschool institutions." Kiev, 2003
Thesis of the Candidate of Sciences in Physical Education and Sports  KULCHENKO I A "The use of low-amplitude exercises in conjunction with the unloading of the spine in the physical rehabilitation of patients with lumbar osteochondrosis." Kyiv, 2005


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Phone interview of patients.

The study period: June - August 2004, January - August 2005.

Method of research: telephone survey using a computer (CATI).

In the course of the study, 500 people were interviewed - patients of Evminov Center.


According to the results of the questioning of patients,  Evminov Method with the use Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova”  shows a stable high result of recovery and treatment of diseases of the spine and in most cases allows you not to address more to other methods of treatment. Protection Status