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Effective treatment and prevention of diseases of the spine

Yevminov's prophylactor is the best gift!


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Essence of Evminov's Methodology

The only technique by which the mechanism of reconstruction of the spinal structures is triggered: the combination of dosed stretching (unloading) and simultaneous training of deep (short) back muscles

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What diseases we treat

Classes on curative programs relieve exacerbations with pain syndrome, restore the functions of the spine after injuries and surgical interventions.

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Advantages and guaranteed results

Correctly chosen physiological loads, without medicines and manual intervention for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the spine at any age.

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Our statistics

650 000

Satisfied patients


Efficiency of Evminov's Methodology


Branches in the world

25 years

The Evminov Center


What do specialists say

If you have

  • Osteocondritis of the spine
  • Scoliosis and posture disorders
  • Herniation and protrusion of intervertebral discs
  • Sciatica
  • Pain in the spine

The method of Evminov - kinesitherapy (motion treatment)

  • Without medicines and manual intervention
  • Correctly selected physiological loads
  • Controlled controlled dosing
  • Guaranteed positive result
  • For all family members
  • For treatment and prevention of diseases of the spine

Programs by methods

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Courses in methodology



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Bone Health and Joint Health
The program of rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system using nutritional correction

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Evminov's technique is a healthy back for life!

Unlike many existing methods of treatment of the spine, classes using Evminov's Technique allow restoring structures of intervertebral discs.

Evminov's method on Evminov's Prophylactor is the patented and approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine method of curative physical training (kinesitherapy) for the treatment, recovery and prevention of spine diseases at any age.

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