Bone and Joint Health - A Comprehensive Approach

To restore the musculoskeletal system, it is important to radically review the lifestyle and make changes:

* provide the body with sufficient physical activity;

* to establish proper nutrition, providing our body with all the necessary substances;

* adjust drinking mode.

An integrated approach includes:

1. Classes according to the Evminov Method activates metabolic processes in the intervertebral discs, ensuring their nutrition and water balance in the pulpal nucleus. The unloading of the spine as a result of traction (extension) on the Evminov Prophylactor in combination with the muscular load favorably affects the formation and maintenance of the muscular system.

Treatment on the Evminova dispensary gives a guaranteed positive result.

The treatment program is an individual set of special exercises, taking into account the diagnosis, age and physical condition. After reception at the doctor-vertebrologist at the Evminov Center, the patient is selected the necessary training program for the dispensary.

2. Nutrition correction - It is IMPORTANT that the body receives sufficient substances that will restore and strengthen the tissues of bones, muscles and ligaments.

The kits provided by Nature, s Sunshine, combine the necessary components for nourishing Bone and cartilage tissues and ligaments.
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