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Now we can help you even from a distance!


IMGP4624_.jpgThe specialists of Evminov Center are constantly working to improve the services provided to improve the quality of service to their customers. The result of this work was the introduction of a new service: the On-line Cabinet, which will help people from anywhere on the planet where there is Internet connection to receive the consultation of Evminov Center specialists, and restore spine health by Evminov's Methodology.

You can:

Get a preliminary consultation with a doctor and take a trial session with the instructor.
Order the basic complex of the Center's services according to one of the Evminov's Programs, including the purchase of Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova” and 2 On-line consultations of the doctor and 2 sessions with the instructor of the Center (the total time for 1 consultation is 40 minutes).
To be engaged on the subscription with the Instructor.
Order additional consultations on any of the programs of Evminov's Methodology for yourself, or members of your family.
Online trainer for your child and for the whole family


In order to use the service On-line Cabinet, you will need:

Personal computer (laptop).
Connection to the Internet (broadband line).
Web-camera (the minimum resolution is 0,3 Мрі).
Audio system: microphone and loudspeaker.
Personal mailbox (E-mail).
rogram Skype.
The Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova” should be installed in the field of view of the web-camera and fully visible on the screen both in length and width (the web-camera is perpendicular to the Prophylactic, at a distance of about 2-3 m from it).
Electronic version of the MRI of the spine (if you plan to engage in one of the Healing Programs). Recording a picture on an electronic medium can be ordered at the site of the MRI study. If the picture is already taken on the film, it can be scanned with the highest possible resolution. You can also use an X-ray image, but this is less informative.

If you have everything you need and you are ready to order the service On-line Cabinet:

Send an application to E-mail to get your own page in the On-line Cabinet.
Send an application for consultation through the order form located on your page in the On-line Cabinet.
Download the electronic version of the MRI of the spine to the Evminov Center on your page in the On-line Cabinet.
After receiving your application, the employee of the Center will contact you via Skype, E-mail, or in the telephone mode, and send an invoice for payment of services
Pay the bill  and send the receipt number to E-mail:
When we receive money to the account, the employee of the Center will contact you via Skype, E-mail, or telephone  to agree on further actions for the delivery and installation of the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova” and the timing of the On-line consultation.


On-Line Trainer - training at 100 Mbps!

For the development and proper implementation of special treatment programs performed at Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova”, as well as for monitoring the systemic nature of the classes, a new service is offered to you - subscription courses at a convenient time for you on-line.

Duration of one lesson is not less than 20 minutes.


Cost of services in the section Services of Evminov Center

Send an application for online consultation and lesson on SKIPE and we will contact you.


We carry out remote SKYPE consultations, classes, trainings

We send you an individual training program and recommendations compiled by a vertebral neurologist.

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Email: evminovskype@gmail.com

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