The Evminov Method


The Evminov Method is a special technique of therapeutic physical training or kinesitherapy that is patented, medically certified and approved by the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine for treatment, recovery and prevention of spinal column problems occurring with any age group. The Evminov Method is an entirely new technique of treatment of spinal disorders. It is based on the actuation of mechanisms of auto-reconstitution of spinal column structures by performing special exercises with the help of an orthopedic training device known as the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova”. The Evminov Method can be used for treatment at home, in many different medical and preventive treatment institutions, in gyms, and at drill halls too. Training according to The Evminov Method helps actuate mechanisms of auto-reconstitution of the spinal column structures and assists in recovering from most spinal column diseases in people of any age. It also helps with problems associated with posture and scoliosis as well as different types of osteochondrosis manifestations, hernia’s involving intervertebral disks, radiculitis, and spondylolisthesis just to name a few. The basis of the Evminov Method is a concept of “spinal column cultivation” and strengthening that assists in developing a stronger core.

The main rules of care for the spinal column is to try and keep it as healthy as possible and protect it from all the negative influences encountered in daily life. This can be compared with regular teeth cleanings and oral hygiene to try and prevent tooth decay. We are taught from our childhood that we need to get used to brushing our teeth every day and by caring for our beautiful smiles we will enjoy less problems with our teeth and have fresh breath when meeting people. Our spinal columns are an even more important structure within our bodies. It is the basis of our nervous and muscular systems, as well as a mirror of our health and our overall well-being. Our spinal columns also need care everyday. By using the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova”, our unique training device, and by performing all the exercises developed specifically for the type of problems you may have, The Evminov Method combined with the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova” it is similar in theory to using a toothbrush every day to prevent tooth decay.


It is not a secret that caring for your spinal column is a much more complicated and responsible process than brushing your teeth and it requires deeper knowledge of the first principles of anatomy and how the muscular system works.

In the case of spinal column disorders even the most harmless, at first thought, intervention can cause an exacerbation and lead to aggravation of the problem.

Evminov Method teaches not only effective spinal column care, in order to keep it healthy, but also treatment of most spinal disorders by restoring of all spinal column functions.

Even the most harmless spinal column disorders may not feel as bad to an individual when they first occur but continued stresses and strains can eventually lead to further aggravation of the problem. The Evminov Method teaches effective spinal column care to keep the spine healthy, but also specific treatments for most spinal disorders and assists in restoring of all spinal column functions. Using the Evminov Method it has been proven that, "Tension in stretching the spine is a powerful factor which activates the growth of new and stronger tissues surrounding the areas being worked. Also, according to this law, formation of new units of fibrous tissue, blood vessels, skin and bone density can be incited". Professor G. Ilizarov, an expert in spinal problems has said, “The purpose of the Evminov Method is to actuate many of the self-repair mechanisms of spinal column structures by creating necessary conditions by combining the dosed stretching (release) of the spinal column, with simultaneous training of deep (short) muscles of the back that reverse destruction of many spinal disorders. Once the damage of an intervertebral disc occurs it can cause further loss of the surrounding feeding of its structures. The main properties for the actuation of self-repair mechanisms are to provide and constantly maintain the fluid balance and nutrition of the disc and the nucleus pulposus.

IMGP4828.jpgWith Special training of deep (short) muscles of the back, which support the spinal column, there is an increase of intercellular liquid and helps the proper nutrition of the intervertebral disc and the nucleus pulposus. This is necessary for the actuation of self-repair mechanisms and healing of damaged areas along the spine. The specialized training also activates metabolic processes and helps one develop a stronger muscular corset that protects the spinal column from deflections, curvatures, and traumatic influences of everyday life. The intervertebral discs are shock absorbers and the joints of the spinal column. This is why their recovery also brings the recovery of complete amplitude of movement throughout the whole spinal column.


With the proper stretching (release) of the spinal column by performing the exercises with the help of our special orthopedic training device the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova”, results are established with the first treatment. Stretching is necessary for intervertebral discs release, easing of tensed nerve endings, as well as for normalization of muscles by stretching them. The ability to adjust the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova” to the proper inclined plane minimizes the pressure on an individual’s spinal column and by regulating of angle of slope of the device and by analyzing other factors such as beginning condition of the spinal column, the patient’s weight and their age it is easier to establish the proper individual goals. By using a combination of special technically correct training exercises involving the deep (short) muscles of the back with spinal column release it actuates the so-called “pump mechanism” that promotes active nutrition of the intervertebral discs, in time the muscles will fill the space surrounding the spine which appear along the spinal column as a result of traction. Consequently, newly formed muscles and strengthened ligaments undertake a part of the pressure from the spinal column. This pressure on the intervertebral disc essentially reduces and promotes recovery of the discs much faster. By using the Evminov Method together with the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova” is the universal system of treatment for prevention and recovery of a wide variety of spinal column problems, back and neck aches as well as developing a stronger core forever. It also helps to restore all spinal column functions, prevents the development of pathological processes in a spinal column and it is a great method for treatment of multiple hernias of intervertebral disks. The Evminov Method and the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova” are effectively used for restoring the spinal column of the sportsmen to return to their specific sport and as a necessary therapy after recovery major operations on the spinal column. It is simple and effective for any age, good for use at home and useful for the entire family.

Trainings according to Evminov Method using the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova” – this is the universal system of treatment, recovering and prevention of the spinal column diseases, which:


  1. removes the cause of spinal column disease, killing back and neck aches forever;
  2. restores all spinal column functions;
  3. prevents the development of pathological processes in a spinal column;
  4. is the only method of treatment in the case of numbered hernias of intervertebral disks;
  5. is effectively used for restoring the spinal column of the sportsmen with the purpose to come back to elite sport;
  6. is applying as necessary therapy after operations on a spinal column;
  7. restores the initial stature of a man and helps to keep it during lifetime;
  8. increases the stature for 8-15 cm by training according to the special program of increasing the stature (in the period from 8 till 15 years);
  9. is simple and effective for any age;
  10. is good for domestic use and useful for the entire family.

On the basis of the method there were worked out many medical, sanitary and prophylactic programs intended for treatment and prevention of spinal column diseases on different stages and in different age periods.

The programs are to be selected individually by doctors-vertebrologists of the Center and realized with the help of the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova”. The instruction training of method is caring out in the Center by the Instructors of therapeutic physical training and further exercises the patients perform independently at home. Protection Status