ВрачСнимокКлиент.jpgAbsolute contraindications for exercises on the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova”, when the performance of exercises are impossible due to the severe condition of the patient.

Hemorrhagic stroke
Rough violations in the work of the CNS and PNS (paralysis, deep paresis, violations after cerebral palsy, strokes, encephalitis, etc.).
Multiple sclerosis, disseminated encephalomyelitis with violations of the pelvic organs, motor disorders, ataxia.
Acute somatic diseases, infectious diseases (including tuberculosis), exacerbation of a chronic disease until remission.
Chronic calculous cholecystitis, Coral stones in the kidneys.
Aneurysm of the aorta, heart, lungs, accompanied by pulmonary insufficiency ІІ-ІІА-ІІІ st. And more, including the state after operations.
Detachment of the retina of the eye or the condition after the operation to weld the retina, glaucoma.
Fractures of the spine, recent skulls (up to 4 months).
Acute closed, open craniocerebral trauma and their consequences in the form of paresis, paralysis.
Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease.
Oncological diseases with metastasis.
Mental disorders (neuroses, psychoses, schizophrenia, etc.).
Hernia umbilical, inguinal, white abdominal line, cerebral.
Decompensated hydrocephalus
Single large or multiple large hemangiomas
Chronic and acute circulatory disturbances in the spinal cord in the form of myelopathies, etc.
rachnoiditis, periduritis.
Frequent (1-2 times a month or more) fainting, epileptic seizures.
Myeloma disease

Temporary contraindications for exercises on the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova”:
1. The general severe condition of the patient
2. High body temperature above 37.5
3. Acute diseases or exacerbations of chronic diseases
4. Danger of bleeding (diffuse uterine bleeding)
5. Toxications
6. Myocardial infarction during the first year
7. Pregnancy over 22 weeks (requires the supervision of a specialist)
8. Hypertension
9. Acute disorders of cerebral circulation
10. Severe circulatory insufficiency (II-B, III st)
11. Osteoporosis of the 3rd degree
12. Myasthenia gravis Protection Status