Rules for doing exercises

"It's better forty times over once, than once - forty times"


Before the beginning of the exercises on the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova” according to Evminov's Technique, it is necessary:

Check the strength of the mounting of the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova” in the place of attachment (dowel or hook) and the strength of the cable itself.
During the installation of the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova”, tilt the fixing hook in the socket at the back of the panel, using a specially designed rubber stopper.
Ensure that the panel does not touch and does not rub against the wall during the session.
Before you begin to familiarize yourself with the exercises themselves, you need to learn how to sit down properly, lie down and get up from the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova” to avoid injury.

The Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova” is a robust, but mobile structure that requires compliance with safety rules.

The photos below show step-by-step actions when approaching the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova”, teaching how to sit down and lie down on it. To stand up from the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova” do it in the same way in the reverse order. Don't lay down or get up from the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova” without the control of your hands.

SAFE APPROACH TO Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova”


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SAFE APPROACH TO Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova”

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HOW NOT TO SIT ON THE Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova”

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The basic rules of performing exercises for the spine on the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova” and treatment of diseases according to Evminov's Methodology:

  1. IMGP5262.jpgThe selection and dosing of the movements during the exercises according to Evminov's Methodology, as well as the initial angle of the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova” tilt and its change in the treatment of the spine disease, must be carried out strictly by the specialists of the Evminov Center who have been trained in the Methodology. The purpose of the exercises within the treatment programs is based on the diagnosis (pathology), age, functional condition and weight of the patient.

    Exercises are performed in conditions of comfort for the spine, so they should not cause pain.
    Exercises are performed smoothly and slowly, without jerks and sudden movements, and include elements of muscle relaxation.
  2. IMGP5302.jpgIt is necessary to change the angle of inclination of the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova” in a timely manner and to follow the recommendations of the doctor.
    It is necessary to observe the ratio of the performance of "detachment" exercises performed at a slow pace, with a small amplitude or in a static mode, and "strength exercises" aimed directly at developing strength and creating a muscle corset. Untimely transfer to exercise can lead to imbalance (the doctor or the instructor is to determine the timeliness of this transition during the consultation or training session).
    The cervical spine should be trained with extreme caution. The most suitable for the cervical section is the static gymnastics on the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova” and light stretching with the use of the Glisson loop.
  3. IMGP5258.jpgAfter exacerbation of the disease, exercises with the lifting of the straight legs in the supine position, as well as sharp turns of the trunk are unacceptable, since they aggravate the pathological process in the affected segment.
    Especially dangerous for the spinal exercises - various torso torso forward. They contribute to the displacement of the disc, the stretching of the paravertebral zone of fibrous tissues and muscles. By the time of remission, it can only be about cautious knee squatting to lift items from the floor.
    When carrying out the exercises, you should strictly adhere to the methodical recommendations of the specialists of the Center in terms of the number, duration and intensity of the loads. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.


    Treatment according to Evminov's Methodology passes in several stages with constant correction of the program by the doctor-vertebrologist.

    Medical control in the treatment of diseases of the spine according to Evminov's Methodology is subject to:

    Selection of exercises, their number, the magnitude of the amplitudes, the determination of the type and muscular effort (static or dynamic) and their duration, as well as the speed (pace) of exercise and the frequency of the loads.
    The amount of traction (traction) of the spine, which is provided by the angle of inclination of the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova”.


    Before starting any exercises on the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova” for therapeutic purposes, be sure to visit the consultation of a vertebrologist at the Evminov Center and take the lesson with the instructor.
    Do not give up the methodical recommendations of the doctor if you are involved in one of the curative programs.
    Do not use exercise complexes assigned to other people to treat your disease, even if you have the same diagnosis. Each person with his own problems is unique! And doing something for someone else's purpose, you can damage your health! Protection Status