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1.jpgVyacheslav Evminov is the President and Founder of the Kiev Vertebral Therapeutic Center. He is also President of the Yuka Sports Club, the first President the Rowing Federation of Ukraine, and is also an Honored Coach of Ukraine. Along with these prestigious accomplishments he is the well-known inventor of the Patented Device Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova” and patented Evminov Method which are both used in the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of spinal column problems. As an Honored Rowing Coach, and elite sports veteran of rowing himself, he has sustained several spinal column injuries throughout his career.  After one such injury doctors suggested he undergo dangerous spinal surgery with only a 50% chance of success. Facing the possibility of becoming wheelchair-bound inspired him to invent the now world-famous Evminov method and prophylactic device.

After trying almost all traditional spinal medical treatments available he said, “nothing really seemed to help me and I refused to undergo an operation with only a 50% chance of success”. He then understood that, “It is probably true that only I can help myself”.  He began carefully selecting special exercises designed specifically for strengthening the spinal column muscles, which he could do while lying down, as almost all of the vertical exercises he tried caused severe muscle tension, compression of the spinal column inter-vertebral discs and intra-disk hypertension resulting in severe pain. He understood that it was almost impossible to do the most common physical training with any type of spinal problem and yet he knew he needed relief.  The result was his idea to use an inclined plane to do the exercises using interchanging movements that helped to release the compression on the spinal column at different angles. By determining the load level, analyzing training efficiency, and selecting different starting positions, along with the degree of amplitude and quantity of movements, he determined it helped revitalize his metabolic processes and strengthened the spinal column muscles. The final result was the development of the Inclined board “Prophilactor Evminova” and along with the horizontal exercises all allowed him to make a full recovery and return to a normal life.


Following his initial successes Evminov continued his research and created a comprehensive therapeutic physical training technique and complete prophylaxis of many common spinal column problems. By patenting the Evminov Method and presenting his invention to the medical community, his complete system was approved by the Ukrainian Ministry of Public Health, affirmed by the Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences and recommended for use in many medical and preventative treatment institutions, as well as public gymnasiums, training facilities, and can even be set up to use at home or the office. For many years the Evminov Method has helped people all over the world find an affordable alternative to surgery, relief from their back problems, and allowing them to live healthier and pain-free lives.

Book-2016-obl.jpgHow to Forever Overcome Back Pain

Evminov V.V. Acquaints readers with the key points of the method developed by him, aimed at the prevention and treatment of spine diseases, independently at home and without medication. Gives a physiological basis for his method.

The book is intended for a wide audience. Soft binding, 120 pages. The book can be purchased at the Vertebral and Wellness Center in Kiev and in branches throughout Ukraine.

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