Research and dissertations

20090224.jpgSince 1998, on the basis of Evminov's Methodology, a number of scientific works have been defended in the field of orthopedics, vertebrology and therapeutic physical training.


The dissertation of LAZAREVA E.B. (the candidate of physical sciences and sports) "Therapeutic gymnastics and hydrokinesotherapy in the general system of rehabilitation of patients who underwent spinal surgery for the removal of herniated intervertebral discs." Kiev, 1999.
The dissertation of AFANASIEVA I.A.(the candidate of medical sciences) "The state of the cardiovascular system and vegetative homeostasis in children with pathology of posture." Kyiv, 2001.
The thesis of MAKAROVA E.B. (the candidate of sciences in physical education and sport)  "Physical rehabilitation of children with scoliosis 1 degree in specialized preschool institutions." Kiev, 2003.
of KULCHENKO I.A. (the candidate of sciences in physical education and sports)  "The use of low-amplitude exercises in conjunction with the unloading of the spine in the physical rehabilitation of patients with lumbar osteochondrosis." Kyiv, 2005


"Psychoprophylaxis of vertebral column diseases in people of the first and second adulthood." SOBKO I.A. National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine.
"Physical rehabilitation with compression fractures of the lower chest and / or upper lumbar spine". BONDAR IA National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine.
"Preventive-improving classes using non-traditional methods of correcting posture in children of middle and senior school age." POLTAVETS A.V. National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine.
"Correction of violations of posture in children of primary school age." SOBKO S.A. National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine.



"Features of the use of the preventor Evminov in the physical rehabilitation of children with scoliotic disease." SOBKO I.A. National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine.
"Features of the use of the preventor Evminov in the system of physical education of students of a special medical department of the university." BELILOVSKY A.V. National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine.
"Physical rehabilitation of children with scoliosis." Rak Yu.N. National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine.
"Therapeutic physical culture and massage in the physical rehabilitation of children with vegetative-vascular dystonia." BOLTRUCHUK Yu.V. National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine.



The First Scientific and Practical Conference on the Evminov Method - read more


Marketing research

Phone interview of patients.

The study period: June - August 2004, January - August 2005.

Method of research: telephone survey using a computer (CATI).

In the course of the research, 500 people were interviewed - patients of Evminov Center.

The respondents divided by gender: men - 37%, women - 63%.


Based on the results of the studies at the Preventor> by Evminov's Technique, 357 people noted improvement. (71.4% of respondents) did not feel the result of 126 people. (25.2%), worsening of the condition was in 17 people. (3.4%).
76 (15.2%) of the respondents paid for medical services and did not go to the Center for consultation with a doctor and for classes with an instructor in general * were doing themselves.
Of the remaining 424 people who applied to the Center, only 159 people (37.5%) came for a re-paid doctor's appointment and a session with the methodologist.
During the training sessions on the Technician at Evminov's Preventor, 341 people had breaks in classes. (68.2%), 159 people worked without breaks. (31.8%).
29 people (only 5.8% of respondents) experienced difficulties in doing the exercises during the school.
Of them: 2 people - they did not apply to the Center, they are engaged independently, 6 people. Experienced difficulties due to health problems, 21 people. Experienced difficulties due to the fact that they did not fully master the Method during the lesson with the instructor.
423 people continue their studies at the Preventor. (84.6% of the respondents), 77 people (15.4%) stopped their studies.
The main reasons for the termination of employment are health problems (3.7%), lack of time (3%). Due to lack of results, 4 people stopped their studies. (0.9%).


Patients were asked: "Do you remember, please, your impression after contacting the Center?" 424 replies were received.

     "Positive" impression was formed in 402 patients (94.8%);
     "Neutral" (the visit did not cause any special emotions) - in 20 patients (4.7%);
     "Negative" - in 2 patients (0.5%).

The personnel was evaluated on a 5-point scale, where "5" is very good service, "4" is good service, "3" is satisfactory, "2" is bad, "1" is very bad.


A total evaluation of the staff of the Evminov Center was put by 83.4% of the respondents - 4.4 points.
The highest level of assessments for the lecturer - the average score is 4.78. At the same time, 7.2% of the respondents attended the lectures. In second place installers - the average score of 4.48, the answer - 83.8%. The third place is shared by the telephonists and the staff in the lobby - the average score is 4.41. The answers are 76.4% and 77.4% respectively. On the fourth place of the instructor is the average score of 4.4. The percentage of respondents was 83.2%. Doctors - the average score is 4.39. 83.2% of the respondents answered.
An occupation with an instructor was attended by 424 people - 84.8% of the respondents. On the question "did you like the lesson with the instructor" Yes "answered 410 people. (96.7%); "No" - 14 people. (3.3%).



Use of other methods of treatment after classes on the Technique. Total number of answers - 495.

367 people did not use other methods of treatment. (74.1%).
Used other methods - 128 people. (25.9%) - of them 8 people. Used several methods. Among other methods: Medication - 63 people. (12,1%), manual therapy - 44 people. (8.9%), the other - 30 people. (6.7%).

Patients were asked to evaluate the effectiveness of the Methodology on a 5-point scale. A subjective assessment that reflects the patients' opinion as to how well the Method is suitable for their body, and also how much the result from the exercises met the patient's expectations:

"5" points - 186 people. (53.9%)
"4" points - 138 people. (40.0%)
"3" points - 13 people. (3.8%)
"2" points - 5 people. (1.4%)
"1" point - 3 people. (0.9%)


Of patients who put Method 1 "1 point" (very bad):

1 person. The Center did not consult for advice

1 person. Dissatisfied with the service

1 person. I did not fully understand the methodology

Of patients who put Methodology "2 points" (poorly):

Only 1 person. Was engaged in the Methodology, observing the recommended frequency and duration of classes.

They consider the Preventor a good acquisition - 488 people. (98.2%) out of 497 who answered this question.
They believe that regularly practicing at the Preventor, they will solve the problems of the spine and diseases associated with it - 95.2% (458 people out of 481 who answered the question).
The Prophylactic would recommend to his acquaintances who have problems with the spine - 89.8% of those who answered this question. 73.1% said they had already recommended it.



According to the results of the questioning of Evminov's patients, Yevminov's author's Methodology, using Evminov's Preventor, shows a stable high result of recovery and treatment of spine diseases and in most cases allows not to turn to other methods of treatment.

To increase the indicator of the effectiveness of the Methodology, it is necessary to work with patients from the staff of the Center regarding observance of the periodicity and duration of studies recommended in the framework of the Methodology, as well as monitoring the correct and full development of the Methodology by patients
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