The picture showed that there is no hernia more narrow...

Decided to leave also the comment about Evminov's technique. Found vertebral hernia of 9 mm in size in me. I did not agree to operation, very much hope was that it will be possible to solve a problem by other methods. Read reviews of the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova". Decided to get also to itself. It was in 2005. Was engaged on a board for a year, plus doctors advised a cold shower for training of an organism. When in two years I went to sanatorium, the fresh picture with MRT was necessary. The picture showed that there is no hernia more narrow! Doctors made a helpless gesture supposedly for the first time see it! The Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova" really helped me! But, I want to tell that it is the very composite path... Necessary to have will power to force itself to be engaged several times a day. I advised a technique and the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova" to many acquaintances. Those who faced backbone problems got a it too. I even carried it to the friends to Poland. And in spite of the fact that passed nearly 9 years, the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova" still serves me and my family as the excellent exercise machine and the assistant.



The Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova"  is for treatment and prevention...

My father is engaged on the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova"  already more than five years. In due time at his legs nearly refused (he is a doctor) he knows that this technique is effective, he began to be engaged on the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova" . There are no analogs of this exercise machine in Ukraine today. Father's reviews of Evminov's technique inspired a lot of  acquaintances. According to him, the profilaktor helps it to lead active lifestyle, he is engaged regularly, every day and feels well. Personally for me the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova"  - the excellent exercise machine on which it is convenient to swing a press, legs, femurs and even to be wrung out. Even if you if have no problems with a back (though now everyone has them practically), exercises on a board will help to strengthen your physical shape. So I advise all who anyway faced backbone problems, to address to Evminov's center and to work on it! The single moment is that it is necessary to find in the apartment under a board the empty seat as it is quite unwieldy. But it is worth it! Protect your health.



The Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova"  after operation...

To my brother cut out a hernia nuclei pulposi... After that he became practically a disabled person. The most terrible that then found one more. Having followed advices and responses of acquaintances, it went to Evminov's center. After consultation of the doctor-vertebrologa bought the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova"  and began to be engaged by their technique. Feels much better exactly thanks to exercises. But, as he speaks, it is important not to stop being engaged, and result it will be obligatory.



I see on the children that it is necessary to strengthen back muscles correctly...

For the first time I saw a Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova" at the acquaintance – the employee of the Center of Evminov. Then when bought  the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova"  – multiply it was convinced of its effectiveness. It is only necessary to do expressly the fitted exercises and to implement recommendations. I am mother of 6 girls and I see on the children that it is necessary to strengthen back muscles correctly and then it is possible does not worry concerning their bearing. My positive review, the most important is not to be lazy and there will be a result. I advise it to all.

Lena, mother of 8 children, Kiev


I was disturbed by the constant aching scelalgias...

Learned about Evminov's technique from the friends when found that on a computer tomography found a protrusion in lumbar department in me. I was disturbed by the constant aching pains on the back surface of the right leg. Friends told me at once that I did not spend time (they already passed through it), and at once began to be engaged on a Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova". After  occupations pain decreased, but a fear that pain will return did not leave. And only in month of regular jobs and pain and fear passed absolutely; I all am surprised as quickly there is a restitution. I thank the remarkable doctor and the methodologist of the Center Evminov who love the work and bring joy in life of people, curing them by means of a Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova" and Evminov's technique.

Kravchuk L. N., 36 years


It is very happy with an upkeep in your Center...

It is very happy with an upkeep in your Center; consultations of the doctor and the methodologist were exhaustive. The  Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova" was delivered and established without problems in time. It is pleasant to be engaged.

Tatyana, Kiev


Our daughter has a scoliosis and is more narrow...

About 5 years we use a profilaktor. Our daughter has a scoliosis and after three months of occupations, having made pictures saw a positive take. The Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova" is the fast assistant at a dorsodynia and for exercises. I express profound gratitude to the Center and its employees.

Yours faithfully, Grishchenko Natalya Ivanovna


I want to share the impressions...

I have houses the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova" . I want will share the impressions of this fine device. After heavy day of work I come home and only after I work, forces are completely restored. Occupations with the instructor Aelita were very productive – practically at once the state became better. Larger gratitude for such device.

Lukasenka Tamara Sergeyevna, 53, Kiev


The Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova" at my place is more narrow five years. I  am not engaged on it, and here the wife...

The  Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova" is already five years at my home. I on it am not engaged though I look at it every morning. And here - helps the wife. She is engaged on 20-30min in the mornings.


I was treated in a complex – by  tablets,  LFK......

The technique and the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova"  helped me to get rid of problems with a backbone. It was  about two years ago, nearly half a year I lived with the severe pain. A lot of time I looked  for a suitable technique, considered various options of treatment for myself, and I went to the manual therapist... I was treated in a complex -  drank a course of tablets, was engaged by Evminov's technique, dressed an express collar for work at the computer, slept on an orthopedic pillow. Ordered the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova" on the website, brought and established. In a set went 2 free training occupations with the consultant... Today I I am not engaged not every day, but if something begins aching  -  I have an excellent effective remedy as the solution of problems – exercises by Evminov's technique. In Evminov's Center work professionals, who help to return joy of life . Thanks!

Alain T., Kryvyi Rih


Occupations on the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova"  were very pleasant to mother......

My mother went to Evminov's Center to be engaged by Evminov's technique. She had problems with a backbone, osteochondrosis, more than once  disks got out, and were set at manual therapists... Occupations on the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova"  were very pleasant to her, and she says, the technique allows to feel much better! She left a comment about Evminov's center positive. Even asked that we bought to home a Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova". Now its necessary to learn all necessary exercises and it is possible to be engaged domiciliary. Evminov's technique - is effective, we learned it by mother's experience.

Olga Mitrovic, Kharkiv


My parents have in houses the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova"

The Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova" stays at parent's houses. Got it still when the vertebral disk was beaten out in mother's backbone.  It  was aching very much, and we did not know how to help it. As a result she was very pleased by the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova", speaks, it well "equals" a back. Of course, if to work on the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova" few times, then the effect will not be. According to recommendations to be engaged on a board it is necessary to work on it regularly, also as advise - massage for relaxation of muscles. And if suddenly someone thinks, to buy the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova" or not, then I would advise to take!

A. V. Novak, Kiev


In 25 years old a hernia in a waist was founded..

In 25 years old the hernia in lumbar department in the cousin was founded. I Even did not think that at such young age it is possible to face a similar problem. Pains were awful: she could not neither sit, or go, or stand... She bought the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova", having worked about 2-3 months, began to feel perfectly, cheerfully! I was at it on a visit, tried to work, and understood that I want to myself home this piece too. To be engaged on the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova" after the working day - it is just smart! You receive feelings of ease and a discharge of a back (I am the whole day driving) At ours modern  way of life the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova" - it is just need!

Galina Skryaby, Vladislav Malko, Odessa


I lead a sedentary life, and I know what is irregular......

I lead mainly a sedentary life, I know that it is irregular, but  I sit – on another it is impossible, and at the end of the working day the back terribly begins to hurt. Long suffered, and then nevertheless decided to go to the private medical center. After inspection the doctor advised me to work on the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova".I've red responses, that it is very good thing. I completed a monthly course by Evminov's technique, then the program was corrected and  exercises were changed. After classes on the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova" I felt that my backbone became more exactly, and the most important - pains were not any more! Now I plan to buy the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova" to home! I leave the positive review. Evminov's technique - helps! Protect your health!

Tatyana Sidorenko, Lutsk


The Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova" returned me to sport...

I never would think that I will be put on legs not with droppers and pricks, but physical exercises. The sports injury in a waist brought to the fast termination of my sports career. In due time I professionally went in for powerlifting. But after a trauma I had at all not a desire to return to sport, and to function and move just normally … There were many hospitals, doctors, drugs. I lay two months, without getting up, under droppers and pricks. Yes, the effect of these methods was - pain became dull, but further progress any. Being in hospital I heard about Evminov's center. Responses were only positive... I've decided, that it is necessary to try. The wife learned everything, and we registered in reception. I was examined and sent to learning how to work on Evminov's technique. Honestly, I hoped that I will go, but could not believe that I will return to sports again! Being engaged on the Inclined board  "Prophillactor Evminova", I felt a big progress. All occupations took place under monitoring of the doctor and trainer. In several months the doctor gave a green light to increase in loadings. Now I play sports, loadings again, of course is more narrow much less, but, nevertheless, I train, and it makes me happy! With all this I was helped by Evminov's technique. So my positive review!


Has grown thin and has solved problems with a back ...

I want to express my great gratitude. Center Evminova - a wonderful clinic, where the wonderful doctors work! With their help and thanks to Evminov's method, I managed not only to return to a full-fledged life, forget about what pain in the back, but also to put in order your weight after birth!

Oksana Borisova, Zaporozhye


Serious problems with the back happened ...

About a year ago I had an accident, after which I came to myself for a long time: there were serious problems with my back with terrible pains! Was on treatment in a private clinic, however, the result is expensive and not for long. But! In the clinic there was a board on which it became really easier. Therefore, I decided to apply directly to the Evminov Center. Thank you for the tremendous and invaluable assistance of the specialists of this Center. Overall impression of 5+!

Denis, Poltava


They helped to cure the neck without complications ...

I decided to leave your opinion about the center of Evminov. Here they helped me to cure my neck without droppers and tablets. I lead a fairly active lifestyle, I run, I practice at the gym, but at one point my neck started to hurt badly - I thought it might have blown or the vertebrae stuck. Then there was a pain in my hand ... I turned to the doctor, it turned out that I had a hernia of discs in my cervical spine. Injections and droppers did not help, after two months I realized that I needed a different approach. Heard reviews about the technique of Evminov. Imagine my surprise when in 2 weeks I had pain in the neck and arm! The cervical simulator as it turned out works wonders. Thanks to the doctors from the Evminov Center I managed to return to my usual routine. Feedback - positive!

S.M., Odessa Protection Status